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Rates for Graduation, Licensure & Placement

Alabama School of Nail Technology & Cosmetology is proud to provide you with the following rates for the most recent year of calculations 2020

The Institution’s accrediting agency requires that any adjustments made to its student outcomes rates due to the COVID-19 Pandemic must be disclosed. As student achievement at this institution has not been significantly impacted by the Pandemic, the outcome rates reported do not reflect any such adjustments related to COVID-19

Graduation Rate: 76%

Licensure Rate: 100%

Placement Rate: 100%

Certification or Licensure Requirements are as follows: you must complete the specified number of hours per discipline in your chosen field and those hours must be certified to the State of Alabama upon completion. At which time, you will then be eligible to sit for the Alabama State Board written exam. Once you have passed the Alabama State Written Exam as administered by NIC you will then be eligible to take the Practical portion of the Alabama State Board as administered by NIC. Once both portions of your State Board have been passed with a minimum score of 70% you will then be issued a State License in your Field of Study by the State of Alabama.

You MUST provide to this School the following upon registration and before you begin class: 1. Proof of Education as specified by the State of Alabama/ as laid out in our Catalog and your Alabama State Board Rules and Regulation Book that is being provided at this time. 2. Drivers License or other State or Federal Issued Photo I.D. 3. Social Security Card that has been signed. Each of these items are required by this school and are required by the State of Alabama.

To become employed in the State of Alabama you must have completed 70% of your hours in School and be issued a temporary license. This license will be applied for by the school when such hours are certified by the school and employment is verified by the school and the state in a licensed salon by the state.

Each Student must meet our Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy as laid out in our Catalog, and that you are being furnished an additional copy of today. This policy address, grades and attendance.                                                                                                      

Job Placement Rate Calculation

  1. Graduates

    Determine the number of students who, during the reporting year, received a certificate awarded for successfully completing a program at ASNT&C.

2. Graduates Available for Employment

To determine the number of graduates available for employment, subtract the number of graduates who fall under qualified exemptions (see below) from the number of students who received a certificate for successfully completing a program.*

3.Graduates Employed Within Their Field

From the number of graduates available for employment, determine the number of graduates who,  obtained gainful employment in the recognized occupation for which they were trained or in a related comparable recognized occupation and, on the date of this calculation, are employed, or have been employed.

4. Job Placement Rate

Divide the number of graduates employed within their field by the number of graduates available for employment.

Job Placement Rate = (Graduates Employed Within Their Field / Graduates Available for Employment)

All Admissions Requirements, Resources, Academic Progress Policy, Graduation Requirements, Fees & other charges, Financial Aid and financial assistance programs,  Refund Policy and all Administrative policies and standards;  are found in our Catalog which is located on the Catalog Page.

Violance against Women Education is given each 6 months. Drug Awarness and Education is given every 6 months.
Constitution Week is Observed & Celebrated each September!
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